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Daily Share Tracker

When you’re trading knowledge is extremely valuable, which is why we have launched our free Daily Share Tracker email service.

The Daily Share Tracker is designed to help you stay informed and up to date on the shares that you own and provide insights and ideas which may inspire your next investment.

Daily Share Tracker - Coming soon
Independent Research

Independent Research

To provide you with the insights contained in Daily Share Tracker, we’ve teamed up with Morningstar, one of the worlds’ leading independent market analysts. You will receive investment ideas, research, market updates, economic updates, videos and more.

Share Tracker

One of the most exciting sections of the email is the share tracker. This section is designed to help you stay up to date and informed on your investments by tracking up to 15 shares that you own and comparing them against Morningstar's latest valuation. If you do not currently hold any shares, we’ll display the top 6 price movers from the ASX20 with Morningstar’s latest valuation.

Share Tracker

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The Daily Share Tracker email service is part of our Investor Research package which is free for all Westpac Online Investing customers. More regular traders may be eligible for rebates when they subscribe to our Advanced or Professional Package.^

Research platform:

Designed to complement our recent innovation the Daily Share Tracker, our new Research platform has been developed to provide you with a new depth of market intelligence and a range of dynamic Research information and tools at your finger tips. You'll be able to better visualise market performance and optimise your portfolio with our new dynamic displays including heat maps and intuitive charting. Whether you wish to seek a new trading opportunity to match your criteria or compare a stock against its peers, or perhaps you simply need to keep up to date with the daily market movements, our new Research platform can help you.

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Key Features:
Complementary Investor Package
Daily Share Tracker
Westpac IQ
Recommendations and analysis on S&P/ASX 50
Daily ASX market update and world market summary
Company research tools, including advanced search functionality
Upcoming IPOs and dividends
Morningstar news feed
FNN - Online finance video news*
Advanced Research Package
Recommendations and stock analysis
Access to Morningstar Premium Research
Professional Research Package
Advanced Research + TraderPro (webIRESS)
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