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There’s an extensive selection of Australian Shares to invest in, with over 2,200 companies listed on the ASX.

One of the most popular asset classes you can invest in is shares, also known as equities. A share is a portion of ownership or equity that you have in a company. When you buy a share, you become a part-owner of a particular company. The value of your share depends on several factors - the most significant factor being how much money the company or asset earns. Once you own shares in a particular company, you can sell them to other investors on the share market. You may also receive similar benefits to owning any business, such as a share of profits distributed through dividends, and usually the right to vote at company meetings.

The share market (also referred to as a stock exchange) is a transparent and regulated marketplace in which shares in public companies are bought and sold. Here in Australia, we have a national stock exchange which is - the Australian Securities Exchange (usually referred to as the ASX). Recent legislative changes have also enabled a new share market, Chi-X Australia, to start operating here in Australia.

The share market may provide one of the ways for you to achieve your long-term financial goals. You don’t need a lot of money to get started, and being able to trade shares may give you flexibility and control through direct ownership. With Westpac Online Investing purchasing and selling shares is easy and straight forward.

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