Charting to advance your trading


Use Charting to identify trading opportunities and to compare different stocks for performance benchmarking purposes.

Westpac Online Investing’s advanced intuitive charting provides a quick and easy way to track share prices. You can analyse prices over terms from one day to ten years, and overlay indicators such as splits or dividends to help you evaluate how and when to trade into and out of markets.

Charting Image

Key Features:

  • Chart the price and volume of market-listed securities, indices and sectors
  • Easily compare a stock’s performance to another stock, Australian sector, commodity, FX rate or an Australian or international index
  • Wide range of indicators
  • Smart Text integration translating complex technical indicators into plain english
  • Clever overlays enabling you to view the impact of news, announcements and events on stock pricing
  • Trendlines
  • Personalise your charting with our customisable interface
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